Redtail Cinema


“I have been making short films since I was a kid. They started as stories in my backyard and have evolved into work around the world. 

It is an honor and a blessing to get to work with every one of my clients. My desire is to know you, your partner, your business, your story through purposeful conversation; to turn your unique experiences into films that will be passed down to those after you.

Originally from Nashville, I call Knoxville my home. My story takes place in these mountains and rivers. It’s where I find encouragement, inspiration, and rest. Expect to find me at the weekly farmer’s market, cooking cornbread at home, or running with my pup, Red.”


My husband, Phillip McCall, is the artist behind Redtail Cinema. His work spans from the worlds of weddings to commercial to non-profit.

Our two mediums feel like different languages. Our work often overlaps to tell two versions of the same story.

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