I am a wedding, editorial and travel photographer based in East Tennessee. 


I'm a wife, an oldest child, a proud Knoxvillian. I'm a perfectionist and a list-maker. I'm tall. I'm partially Canadian.

I married an optimistic, peace-making redhead. I let him listen to metal music in the car and he lets me alphabetize our fridge sometimes. He's become my part-time right hand man. We've decided working with your spouse is couples therapy on steroids.  His wedding films live here:

Photography has involved me in some of the most stunning, delicious, heavenly days. The trust and vulnerability my clients offer me never fails to astound me. My desire is to return moments to you. This means less planning, more conversation. I want to hear your stories, learn about your connection to your partner, understand the heart behind your business. Then, my work is about spinning moments, gestures, people and connection into photographs.